Criminal Case Cheats and Walkthrough

Criminal Case Cheats and Walkthrough to solve every crime in the game. Forget Batman, are you the world’s greatest detective? Is so, it’s time to prove your worth with Pretty Simple’s Criminal Case. Criminal Case is absolutely free to play and is available for all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Don’t let the the criminal scum get away! Use our Criminal Case cheats and walkthrough to crack open crime.

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Criminal Case Cheats and Walkthrough

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Criminal Case is the mobile puzzle game that forces you to think like a methodical detective and a brilliant forensics scientist. In this city, crime and corruption run rampant and it’s up to you to restore justice and order. From finding murder weapons to arresting villains, Criminal Case is going to bring out your inner Dick Tracy. However, brining evil down isn’t easy. So when, you stuck, use our Criminal Case cheats to get you through.

When you begin Criminal Case, you’ll be shown a dead body and a crime scene. From there, you’ll need investigate the scene and scour your surroundings for 6 hidden items. Once found, you’ll be taken back to the forensics lab where some of these items will lead you to another scene or clue. Once you have completed all our the case’s scenes and clue puzzles, you’ll find yourself at police lineup. After taking all of your clues into account, you’ll need to look over all of the suspects and make an arrest.

In order to play through a case and scenes you’ll be required to use energy. However, your energy can also be used to for in-game hints. For example, if your can’t find a clue, a hint can be used to highlight one in the crime scene. However, these hints will be come increasingly limited. Instead, you can use our Criminals Case cheats to locate every clue in every scene. On top of that, we’ll make it so that you never have to wait out ever again with our guide on replenishing energy in Criminal Case.

If you love shows like True Detective, Law and Order, and CSI; Criminal Case is for you. You’ll be able to spend hours on hours living out all of your noir fantasies. Whether it’s brining down corrupt cops or jealous family members, this game is going to help you become the greatest mind in law enforcement. But remember, everyone needs a partner, and our Criminal Case cheats and walkthrough will always have your back.

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