Criminal Case Case 1: The Death of Rosa Wolf

By | September 4, 2014

Criminal Case cheats and walkthrough for case 1 – the death of Rosa Wolf. Below you will find information on the victim, murder weapon, suspects, and killer. We have also included screenshots and circled all the items and clues you must find to solve this case.

Criminal Case #1

Victim: Rosa Wolf
Weapon: Knife
Suspects: Ash Bison and Matt Berry
Killer: Matt Berry


Case 1 Suspects

Crime Scene 1 – Roadside

Crime Scene 1 Roadside

Tricycle, Cigarette, Newspaper, Bloody Knife, Car, Dead Body


Crime Scene 2 – Wrecked House

Crime Scene 2 Wrecked House

Umbrella, Watering Can, Ragged Blue Shirt, Tricycle, Tire

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