Criminal Case Case 3: The Grim Butcher

By | September 8, 2014

Criminal Case cheats and walkthrough for case 3 – The Grim Butcher. Below you will find information on the victim, murder weapon, suspects, and killer. We have also included screenshots and circled all the items and clues you must find to solve this case.

Criminal Case #3 – Background

Victim: Jennifer Carter, a teenager who was found gruesomely murdered hanging upside down and cut open outside a meat butcher.
Weapon: Cleaver
Suspects: Raoul Colletti, Trish Colletti, Raphael Soza, One-Tooth-Sam, Vanessa Carter
Killer: Trish Colletti, the meat butcher’s daughter. Trish murdered Jennifer after discovering that she slept with Raphael. Trish received a lifetime jail sentence and eligibility for parole in 40 years.


criminal case 3 suspects
Raoul Colletti, Trish Colletti, Raphael Soza, One-Tooth-Sam, Vanessa Carter

Crime Scene 1 – The Warehouse

criminal case 3 the warehouse

  1. Saucepan
  2. Bucket
  3. Barcode
  4. Cockroach
  5. Worm
  6. Doll Head
  7. Sword
  8. Cross
  9. Dead Plant
  10. Egg
  11. Plate
  12. Soda Can
  13. Eye
  14. Pizza Wheel
  15. Gloves
  16. Flask
  17. Screwdriver
  18. Scissors
  19. Mincing Knife
  20. Saw
  21. Leaf
  22. Syringe
  23. Chicken
  24. Pocket Knife
  25. Panties
  26. Star
  27. Body
  28. Fish
  29. Dishcloth
  30. Ice cream
  31. Glass
  32. Cigarette Buds
  33. Footprint
  34. Steak
  35. Box
  36. Spray Bottle
  37. Gear
  38. Cutting Board
  39. Toilet Paper
  40. Necklace
  41. Tattoo
  42. Flower
  43. Ribbon
  44. Wine Bottle
  45. Photos
  46. Candy Cane
  47. Skull
  48. Apple Core
  49. Dollar Bills
  50. Key
  51. Beer
  52. Heart
  53. Wrench

Crime Scene 2 – Jennifer’s Backpack

criminal case 3 grim butcher backpack
S1- Question Mark
S1/S2- Lolipop
S1/S4- Ring
S2- Lollipop
S2- Scissor
S2- Envelope
S2- Earphone
S2- Ball
S2- Spider
S2- Chocolate
S2- Brush
S2- Matchstick
S2- Ping Pong
S2/S3- Pencil
S2/S3- Star
S2/S5- Bulldog Clip
S3- Lady Bug
S3- Butterfly
S4- Graffiti
S4- Burger
S4- Wrench
S4- Knife
S4- Watch
S4- Dice
S4- Coin
S4/S5/S7- Pen
S5- Injection
S5- Cord
S5- Nail polish
S5- Cassette
S5/S2- Book
S6- Aspirin
S6- Daisy
S6- Chewing Gum
S6- Knuckle
S6- Spoon
S6/S9- Ruler
S7- Calculator
S7- Beer Cap
S7- Mabel
S7- 5
S7- Pill
S7- Necklace
S7- Paint Tube
S7/S4- Lipstick
S8- Rubber
S8- Pencil Sharpner
S8- Mobile
S8- Apple
S8- Smiley Face
S8- Cross
S9- Spoon
S9- Boat
S9- Bottle
S9- Key
S9- Paper Clip
S9- Cherry
S9- Dominos

Crime Scene 3 – Homeless Camp

criminal case grim butcher homeless camp

S1- Fish
S1- Skull
S1- District Sign
S1- Shovel
S1- Shoe
S1- TV
S1/2- No Wolves
S1/4- Foam Finger
S2- Cat
S2- 47
S2- Boxer shorts
S2- Can
S2- Oar
S2- Plastic Gallon
S2/3- Net
S2/3- Mattress
S2/5- Snake
S2/5- Cap
S3- Basketball
S3- CD
S3- Doll
S3- License plate
S3/6- Arrow
S3/6- Graffiti
S4- Dog
S4- Wiper
S4- Tomato
S4- Gas
S4- Bloody cloth
S4- Radio
S4/5- Jeans
S5- Socks
S5- Machete
S5- Banana
S5- Bowl
S5- Briefcase
S5- Barrel
S5- Bra
S5/8/9- Electric fan
S6- Worker Helmet
S6- Light bulb
S6- Broom
S6- Aerial
S6- Jacket
S6- Pi
S6- Pin-up
S6/9- Salad
S6/9- Fuel can
S7- Flashlight
S7- Duvet
S7- Car battery
S7- Dice
S7- Baseball
S7- Key
S7- Sprout
S7- Bird
S7/8- Bag pack
S7/8- Track
S8- Wrench
S8- Bottle
S8- Dog bowl
S8- Missing person
S8- Saucepan
S9- Plate
S9- Tire
S9- Sling shot
S9- Gloves
S9- Spring

Crime Scene 4 – Shack

criminal case grim butcher shack
S1- Eye
S1- Tentacles
S1- Blue curtain
S1- Plate
S1- Bone
S1/2- Wheel
S1/4- Plastic gallon
S2- Hanger
S2- Hair
S2- Flower
S2- “NO” sign
S2- Toothpaste
S2- Piano
S2- Harmonica
S2- Smiling fish
S2/5- Ladder
S2/5- Lamp shade
S3- Saw
S3- Bird
S3- Picture frame
S4- Bloody cloth
S4- Rabbit
S4- Lock
S4- Tic-tac-toe
S4- Rope
S4/5- Garland
S4/7- Broom
S4/7- Watermelon
S4/7- Machete
S5- Flip flop
S5- Net
S5- Gas cylinder
S5- Aerial
S5- Finger
S5/6- Bulb
S5/8- Rocket
S5/8- Fire
S5/8- Envelope
S5/8- Boat
S6- House
S6- Shovel
S6- Teddy bear
S6- Trash bag
S6- Dog dish
S6- Water droplet
S6- Book
S7- Backpack
S7- Bottle
S7/8- Fuel can
S8- Crown
S8- Frog
S8- Bucket
S8- Steak
S8- Spring
S8- Number plate
S9- Worker helmet
S9- Duvet
S9- CD
S9- Elf ear
S9- Bandana

Crime Scene 5 – Vanessa’s Kitchen

criminal case grim vanessa's kitchen

S1 – Baseball

S1 – Donut

S2 – Snowflakes

S2 – Beanie hat

S2 – Radio

S2 – Fan

S2 – Rolling pin

S2 – Cross

S2 – Axe

S2 – Shark Fin

S2 – Bird

S3 – Mitten

S3 – Arrow

S3 – Lantern

S3 – Tea Bag

S4 – Bowl

S4 – Files

S4 – Pie

S4 – Spaghetti

S4 – Microphone

S4 – Mug

S4 – Fish

S4 – Jacket

S4 – Newspaper

S4 – Zebra Stripe

S5 – Yellow Tape

S5 – Egg

S5 – Mitten

S5 – Broom

S5 – Clover

S6 – Blackboard

S6 – Hourglass

S6 – Pen

S6 – Fleur De Lys

S6 – Cutting Board

S6 – Pills

S6 – Key

S6 – Sandwich

S6 – Pen

S6 – Gun

S6 – Dishcloth

S7 – Shopping Bag

S7 – Bowling Ball

S7 – Dollar

S7 – Bulb

S8 – Jam

S8 – CD

s8 – Eye

S8 – Poison

S8 – Urgent

S8 – Torn Paper

S9 – Nail Polish

S9 – Button

Crime Scene 6 – Kitchen Table

criminal case grim kitchen table

S1 – Butterfly

S1 – Ribbon

S1 – Screw

S1 – Football

S2 – Vase

S2 – Beetle

S2 – Fish Pole

S2 – Millipede

S2 – Caterpillar

S2 – Apple

S2 – Mirror

S3 – Bird

S3 – Chicken

S3 – Toast

S3 – Popcorn

S3 – Sauce Pan

S3 – Ashtray

S3 – Salami

S3 – Tin Can

S3 – Flower

S3 – Glasses

S3 – Salt

S4 – Bicycle

S4 – Wheel

S4 – Bread

S4 – Cat

S4 – Straw

S4 – Napkin

S4 – Soda can

S4 – Hamburger

S4 – Pepper

S4 – Fork

S5 – Spider

S5 – Fish

S5 – Cork

S5 – Onion

S5 – Snake

S5 – Urchin

S5 – Egg Shell

S5 – Cactus

S5 – Cereal Box

S6 – Key Chain

S6 – Sword

S6 – Scarf

S7 – Squirrel

S7 – Newspaper

S7 – Sponge

S8 – Shoe

S8 – Bone

S8 – Steak

S8 – Chef’s Hat

S8 – Cake

S8 – Scorpio

S9 – Fries

S9 – Pizza


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