Criminal Case Free Energy Cheat

Want free energy on Criminal Case? Criminal Case is an addicting game, but play time is limited by energy! Skip the waiting time and continue playing with these tips on how to get free energy in Criminal Case! When you start the game, right off the bat there are a few ways for you to easily get a bunch of free energy.

Connect your game to Facebook.

Get free energy from logging in with facebook

If you connect your game to Facebook, you will receive 40 free energy right away!

Take advantage of the daily gifts.

Login with facebook for daily gifts

Logging in with Facebook you will also receive daily gifts and bonuses, such as chips and orange juice. Gather up the orange juice and potato chips on your home feed! Each day you will be able to collect up to 3 orange juices and 1 bag of potato chips.

Solve the forensic kits.

If you’re fast enough, solving each forensic kit can give you anywhere between 7 and 9 energy!

Level up quickly.

get five stars for less energy spent

The more quickly you level up, the more often your energy is completely replenished! Try to get high scores in each scene so that the the XP you receive costs only 5 energy, not 20!

Add friends!

add friends for energy and gifts


If the friends you add on Criminal Case are regular players, you will consistently receive energy and cards that they send while playing.

Play regularly.

The best way to take advantage of all of these opportunities for extra energy is to play regularly! Even if only for a short time, you can use it to collect those daily gifts.

Or, easiest of all: adjust the date and time on your phone.

date and time for energy

You can set the date and time on your phone manually, and if you change the date and time to a day ahead then your energy bar will fill all the way up!

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